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Santa's Revenge 2 & Dirty Potter 3

2008-12-05 08:28:22 by l-minus-l

it's story time!

and now for a flash preview 245/

Santa's Revenge 2 & Dirty Potter 3


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2008-12-05 08:36:59

This is a huge step up from the first one, the animation and art is magnificent.

~Nutty :3

l-minus-l responds:

thanks =) the first one was made 3 years ago when i only had a broken mouse and a 10 year old computer with flash 5 and no internet D= i had to limit the game to 1mb just so it would fit on a floppy disc (there was no cd drive) and upload it on someone elses computer


2009-04-13 01:38:50

ok, when exactly is this coming out?

l-minus-l responds:

about 4 months ago, but since i don't have a time machine i'll wait till next christmas


2009-11-04 00:47:58

Oh god, I couldn't last on that first movie... So funny...

l-minus-l responds:

lol yeah, i think a couple youtube poopers are working together on Dirty the Pooh and Dirty Peter Pan. Can't wait =3


2009-11-04 23:26:55

Your animating seems to have gotten alot better since Santa's Revenge in 2005.
Your user pic reminds me of the drawings in The Edge Chronicle Series.

l-minus-l responds:

hmm never heard of it, should i read it?


2009-11-11 20:10:16

I like the art in the new game you helped make. Well done!